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February post - How You Doin'?

There hasn't been anything super-special to devote an entire LJ post to this month, so here's a standard update!

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That's it for the month! Hope everyone is well - let me know how you're doing!



Posting will be problematic in the near future because after our month apart, my laptop has begun saying goodbye. The keyboard is possessed, making typing anything (even just Facebook comments or Google searches) incredibly stressful.

My Christmas gift to myself this year is definitely a new laptop, but until then I can barely write anything :( which is a shame because I wanted to ask for fic prompts for my December post!

I don't intend to disappear, though! I'll definitely be back once this has been sorted out.

April post

I didn't get a prompt for this month, so here's my default update!

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I hope everyone's had a good April :) It's my dad's birthday this weekend, so I'll likely be feeding people unless we decide to postpone to a non-payday weekend.

Also, I get Monday off for Labor Day, but am renewing my passport then so I don't exactly get to rest. (Good thing it's not a public holiday, or else I would have had to take a vacation day.) Still, it'll be good to finally get that done and stop feeling like I'm grounded :-p

January post, 2016 edition!

*taps mic* Is this thing on?

Super-belated Happy New Year, everyone!

January has been pretty busy for me - I took some extra time off at the start of the month to meet my grad school friends in Cambodia, then hit the ground running at work as soon as I got back.

(Cambodia pictures are here! No passwords, since neither I nor my friends are in any of them. I hope you like - and let me know if it's not displaying properly :) I enjoyed the trip - though I went mainly for the chance to hang out with good friends, Cambodia's also one of my favorite places to visit because the food's good, things are fairly cheap, and as a citizen of a fellow ASEAN country I don't need a visa.)

Despite the busy-ness, I would like to keep up my at-least-monthly posts this year. I enjoyed people's post prompts, so if you have any ideas please do let me know :) If I don't get any, my monthly posts will be updates (and hopefully conversation-starters!) on the following topics:

How I'm DoingCollapse )

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Well, this is it for now! :D I hope your 2016 has been good so far!

Not quite November post

I don't have a topic for this month, so am not sure what to write other than that I've been really busy at work over the past few weeks. We're putting together the December issue of our semi-annual publication, and even though I still didn't get to write a whole lot, I'm helping make the whole thing easier to understand :-p Looks like cutting overly verbose writers down to size is becoming my niche.

Speaking of writing, I woke up to a string of anonymous ff.net reviews picking on quite a few inaccuracies in my historical K-drama fics. I never claimed to be an expert on that stuff - and am still learning, in fact - but it still kind of stung.

On the bright side, the reviewer read two of my stories (one multi-chapter) in their entirety. Maybe it was partly because they were looking for more stuff to pick on, but I'm going to think that I still wrote some things right.


October post

This month's prompt comes from in_the_blue:

Since you brought up Viktor & Durmstrang, why don't you do a post on why they grab your imagination the way they do?

OK! :D

It all began ven I had too much fun posting vit an accent....Collapse )

Thanks for asking! :D


September post - School!

For this month, proudofthefish asked me to write about what school is like in the Philippines.

I should probably start off by saying that I can only talk about what private local school is like in the Philippines. The quality of education varies widely, especially across income brackets, so my experiences would differ from most other people's.

There are also some substantial changes going on right now that are trying to make school in the Philippines a little more like the rest of the world. I'll try to say something about those, too.

School in the Philippines is in transition.Collapse )

I think those are the main points in a (very big) nutshell :) proudofthefish< I hope that was what you had in mind when you asked what school was like in the Philippines! If you're curious about anything else, just ask!

June post

(Again, this comes just under the wire. It was another busy month wherein I did barely any writing that wasn't for work. Boo hiss.)

This month's prompt comes from livii, who asks: In June, talk to me about basketball and Ateneo! Explain to me exactly who you cheer for and why, and what you love about basketball itself. :)

OK, here goes!

One Big Fight!Collapse )

February post!

This month's prompt-y post is a response to a couple meme from in_the_blue. Even though I'm still very much single, and can fill an entire LJ post with my feelings about that and the pervasive social bias against singles, I thought the meme's couple theme would be fun for February.

First, the rules, in case anyone is interested:

Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you 3-6 couples that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

Read more...Collapse )


January post!

It took a while due to RL stuff (that I should post about another time), but I managed to make my monthly posting deadline!

For January, in_the_blue requested the following: I want to know what's going on with Hex and Maeve and Peter. It can be a fic, or just things you've been thinking about them, or brainstorming. :)

What's going on with Hex, Maeve, and Peter?Collapse )

Thanks for the prompt! It was a great opportunity to actually sit down and map out my OCs' life stories. :) I don't think they ever really left me, they just got overtaken by other characters demanding that their stories be written.

If anyone else would like to play, please comment here if you want to suggest a monthly posting prompt for me!